Equality, Diversity & Human Rights

Our equality strategy and plan is underpinned by both our vision, and all our values.
In our role as commissioners of health care, we hope that the people of Harrogate and Rural District will experience healthcare that reflects our values and that they will have the lived experience of our other stated values in the event that they need to use the local healthcare system.  We hope that our commitment to equality is transparent and that it engages with those groups in our community who might otherwise be disadvantaged.

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Alistair Ingram, Clinical Chair








Making sure we consider everyone's health needs (reducing health inequalities) (2018)

Exmples of how we are reducing health inequalitiy

Aditional resources

Equality and Diversity Strategy (Updated August 2017)

Equality Strategy & Implementation Plan 2013 – 2017

Equality Objectives

Consultation and feedback

Easy read version of our Equality Strategy

Equality Metrics Report 2014

Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES)

Equality Delivery System survey results and consultation 

The report below shares the findings and provisional grading from implementing the Equality Delivery System (EDS). It also proposes an equality vision and a set of equality objectives, which have been developed through consultation with stakeholders and based on the findings of evidence gathered for the Equality Delivery System.

HaRD CCG Governing Body has approved this EDS evidence report for wider consultation and fully supports the objectives with a focus on improving health outcomes for all patients.

  • Click here to view our 2019 EDS2 Summary Report
  • Click here to view our 2016 EDS report and proposed equality objectives 

Equality Strategy & Implementation Plan 2013 – 2017

From 1 April 2013, NHS Harrogate and Rural District Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is an NHS organisation responsible for commissioning the majority of healthcare services for its local population.  As a CCG, we are committed to facilitating meaningful engagement with our stakeholders to inform the decision making process.

Click here to read our Equality and Diversity Strategy

This strategy reinforces these commitments and is the first step in outlining our approach to equality and diversity, whilst ensuring compliance with the Equality Act 2010 and the Human Rights Act 1998. It highlights the national and local drivers that will shape and influence our approach to promoting equality in our commissioning decisions and valuing the diversity of service users and employees.

The CCG published its Equality & Diversity Performance Report & Equality Objectives in February 2016. The report is assurance of continued compliance with its duty to pay due regard to equality under its Public Sector Equality Duties defined by the Equality Act 2010, Public Sector Equality Duty Regulations 2011.

We are determined that this strategy and the delivery of its supporting implementation plan will make a significant difference to the communities we serve – both in terms of the experience of accessing and using health services as well as achieving better health outcomes. We are also committed to ensuring that our staff are empowered, engaged and well-supported at a time of significant organisational change.

Equality Objectives

We have identified the following equality objectives following analysis and assessment, including NHS Equality Delivery System Assessment

Objective 1
Theme: Accessible information
Provide accessible information and work with patients and carers to develop and test the accessibility of information.

Objective 2
Theme: Equality Data 
To use data more effectively to promote equality in all decisions made by the CCG.

Objective 3
Theme: Engagement
To strengthen stakeholder, community and patient engagement and work in partnership to advance equality and reduce health inequalities and advance equality.

Objective 4
Theme: Health Inequalities
- To reduce health inequalities for people with learning disabilities.
- To reduce inequalities for Trans patients

Objective 5
Theme: Workforce To maintain a well supported, empowered motivated and engaged workforce.

Objective 6
Theme: Leadership To ensure that leadership is inclusive at all levels

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