Our Audit Committee

The CCG’s Audit Committee is a key part of our governance and assurance framework and supports the organisation in achieving its goals, objectives and responsibilities to its stakeholders.

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As a statutory body, the CCG will be held to account for what it does and how it goes about doing it.  It will need a mechanism to seek assurance on its actions and also to challenge and scrutinise these actions. This is the main role of the Committee.

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Internal and external audit

The Committee is supported by the CCG’s internal and external auditors. The latter’s primary role is to provide an opinion on the CCG’s annual accounts. The internal audit team provides independent assurance on the effectiveness of controls to manage the key risks to the organisation.  They report their findings to the Audit Committee who may decide that further work or assurance is required.

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Not just financial matters!

The Committee covers all types of risk. For example, we look at mechanisms for assuring the quality and safety of services delivered by provider organisations, safeguarding arrangements, the management of continuing care services and information governance. 

Themes from issues raised via mechanisms such as the dedicated HaRD email facility or the risk register will help to inform possible future audit activity.  This will help to ensure the work of the committee is focussed on the things that matter. 

Who’s on the Audit Committee?

The Committee is chaired by Rachel Mann. Other members are David Hall and Dr Rick Sweeney.  Click here to see our profiles.

Terms of Reference and work programme
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