Managing GP contracts

Primary care services across Harrogate and Rural District are provided and managed under contracts between the CCG and GP practices (you can see a list of local GP practice here).

Any variation to these contracts, such as GP practice mergers, boundary changes, changes to services or branch closures must be considered under the guidance set out by NHS England in the Primary Medical Care Policy and Guidance Manual.

Branch closures

We have recently received a number of enquiries from members of the public about possible branch closures in Harrogate and Rural District. Any branch closure can only take place after formal application to, and approval by, the CCG. Any proposal will be considered by the CCG’s Primary Care Commissioning Committee. These meetings take place in public and the papers are publically available. One of the criteria that is required for any closure to be approved is public involvement and the CCG would consider the degree to which the public have been involved when assessing an application.

More information abou the process and criteria for branch closurecan be found in the NHS England in the Primary Medical Care Policy and Guidance Manual from page 231.