Integrated Care in the Harrogate District



The number of people living with one or more long term health condition is rising fast and we need to make sure we’re in a position to manage future demand.

In some parts of the country, health and social care teams have found that by identifying who's most at risk, working more closely together to support those people at an earlier stage, and providing information to help people to take better care of themselves, they can start to address this issue head-on. They've found that this more streamlined, joined-up approach often leads to services which people and their families and carers say are better for them. And it can mean fewer people ending up in hospital or needing to move into residential care.

This is the approach we are taking in Harrogate and Rural District. GPs, health workers and social care staff will increasingly be working side-by-side in close knit teams, identifying levels of risk, sharing information and taking a joint approach to supporting older people and those with long-term conditions in close partnership with the voluntary and community sector and independent sector.

Information for patients and carers

Below you’ll find documents and links to information that is aimed at helping patients and carers understand the changes we are making to health and social care locally, and how this might affect you.

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For health and social care professionals

Below you’ll find useful resources and links to information for health and social care professionals.

Resource Upload date

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Integrated Care Team Commissioning Vision  1 Feb 2013

Integrated Care Team Pathway  1 Feb 2013
Eligability Criteria           1 Feb 2013
Proposed Integrated Care Team in Harrogate District 1 Feb 2013
Proposed structure and functions 1 Feb 2013

Staff bulletins

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July 2013