Harrogate and Rural Alliance (HARA)

A number of NHS and social care partners have been working together to transform the way community health and social care services are provided for adults in Harrogate District. This joint approach has been developed by five key providers and commissioners, working in collaboration with wider partners, colleagues, service users and the community.

The five organisations who are leading this work are:

  • Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust (HDFT) which provides acute services and a range of community service across Harrogate Distric
  • NHS Harrogate and Rural District Clinical Commissioning Group (HaRD CCG), the body which buys most healthcare services delivered in Harrogate District
  • North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) who commission and provide social care services
  • Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust (TEWV), the local specialist mental health provider
  • Yorkshire Health Network (YHN), which represents GPs and primary health care services across Harrogate District

Operating as the Harrogate and Rural Alliance (the Alliance) we are committed to providing joined up health and social care community services for adults across Harrogate District by implementing a new approach to how services are delivered.

This new approach brings colleagues in primary care, HDFT’s community service colleagues, social services provided by NYCC and mental health services provided by TEWV together in one place, along with a wider network of NHS, local government, voluntary and independent sector partners and people with lived experience to work together to support and care for our communities.

The Alliance ambition is that together we will create a single service owned by the community and by all of our colleagues which has the person and community at its centre, and delivers good outcomes and value for money.

We are one of the first places in England to bring together all of our community services, stretching from the doors to the hospital through people’s front doors into their homes. We are different, too, because we bring together the organisations which plan and fund (“commission”) services and those that provide them. Together, we spend over £100m in our local community, working with hundreds of different service providers. At the heart of the Alliance are nearly 300 community health and social care colleagues, working with primary care, and responsible for in the region of £50 million of prevention, care and support. You can find out more on the HARA website.

Community engagement

In November 2019 we co-hosted a half-day session with members of the community to further develop HARA ambitions. Together we looked at what matters to community members, what HARA priorities should be and how we can work together to develop the service.