Policies, Procedures, Regulations and Strategies

Please see below a list of policies, procedures and regulations for Harrogate and Rural District CCG, including Equality Impact Analyses (EIA) and Sustainability Impact Assessments (SIA), where applicable.

HR Policies              

The below policies have been transferred over from the Commissioning Support Unit under a TUPE/ COSOP transfer with effect from 1 April 2016.

The policies will be reviewed by the CCG in due course, in the meantime any references to predecessor organisations, as the employing authority, should be read as 'HaRD CCG’ and will have effect as such. The policy will continue to apply as it did before transfer with the exception of any practicalities that need amending in line with the CCG’s Governance arrangements for example levels of delegated authority.

Any reference to predecessor organisations as an external provider of HR support should be read as having being updated in line with the CCG’s current provider of HR support.

Policy Download EIA SIA
Absence Management - HaRD 017 Policy Encl  
Agency Worker Regulations Regulations    
Annual Leave Policy - HaRD 004 Policy Encl  
Apprenticeship Policy Policy EIA SIA
Bullying and Harrassment Policy - HaRD 077 Policy Encl  
Career Break Policy - HaRD 009 Policy Encl  
Change Management Policy - HaRD 010 Policy Encl  
Disciplinary Policy - HaRD 013 Policy Encl  
Equality and Diversity Policy Policy EIA SIA
Flexible Working Policy - HaRD 007 Policy Encl  
Grievance Policy - HaRD 057 Policy Encl  
Induction Policy and Probationary Period Policy            Policy EIA SIA
Learning and Development Policy - HaRD 073 Policy Encl  
Lone Working Policy Policy EIA SIA
Managing Stress in the Workplace Policy Policy EIA SIA
Managing Work Performance Policy - HaRD 015 Policy Encl  
Maternity, Maternity Support (Paternity), Adoption and Parental Leave Policy - HaRD 014 Policy Encl  
                    Maternity Leave Appendices Appendices    
                    Maternity Support (Paternity) Leave Appendices Appendices    
                    Adoption Leave Appendices Appendices    
                    Parental Leave Appendices           Appendices    
Objective Setting and Review Policy - HaRD 016 Policy Encl  
                    My Part - PPD Guidance Notes Appendix     
                    My Part - PPD Paperwork  Appendix     
Other Leave Policy - HaRD 042 Policy Encl  
Pay Protection Policy - HaRD 050 Policy Encl  
Policy on Staff Redeployment - HaRD 064 Policy Encl  
Professional Registration Policy and Procedure - HaRD 046 Policy Encl  
Recruitment and Retention Premia - HaRD 078 Policy Encl  
Recruitment and Selection Policy - HaRD 038 Policy Encl  
Recruiting Ex-Offenders Policy Policy EIA SIA
Redeployment Policy - HaRD 064 Policy    
Relocation Policy - HaRD 066 Policy    
Remote Access and Home Working Policy Policy EIA SIA
Retirement Policy - HaRD 075 Policy Encl  
Salary Sacrifice Lease Car Policy Policy EIA SIA
                    NHS Fleet Solutions Brochure Brochure    
Salary Underpayment & Overpayment Recovery Policy Policy Encl  
Secondment Policy - HaRD 023 Policy Encl  
Security Policy Policy Encl  
Starting Salaries Policy - HaRD 025 Policy Encl  
Statutory and Mandatory Training Policy    
Substance Misuse Policy - HaRD 059 Policy Encl  
Temporary Promotion Policy Policy EIA SIA
Travel and Expenses Policy Policy EIA SIA
Whistleblowing Policy Policy EIA SIA
Workforce Development Policy Policy    
Working Time Regulations Policy     Policy Encl  
Corporate Services
Policy Title Download EIA SIA
Adult Safeguarding Policy and Procedures Policy    
Managing Allegations Against Staff Policy Policy    
Business Conduct Policy Policy Encl Encl
Business Continuity and Strategy Policy


Business Continuity Plan Policy    
Conflicts of Interest Policy           Policy Encl Encl
CCG Response to GP Care Quality Commission Inspection Report Policy Policy    
Freedom of Information Act and Environmental Information Regulations Policy Policy Encl Encl
          Guide to Datasets Guide    
          Letter to Accompany Information Letter    
Health & Safety Policy Policy EIA SIA
Independent Safeguarding Authority Registration / CRB Disclosure Policy Policy    
Individual Funding Requests           Policy EIA SIA
Local Anti-Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Policy Policy    
Major Incident Response Policy Policy    
National Fraud Initiative 2016/17 Policy    
Losses and Special Payments Procedure Procedure    
Patient and Public Involvement Reimbursement of Expenses Policy Policy           EIA SIA
Policy and Guidance for Joint Working and Commercial Sponsorship with the Pharmaceutical Industry Policy EIA SIA
Concerns, Compaints, Comments and Compliments Policy (Dec 2018) Policy Encl Encl
Policy on Primary Care Rebate Schemes           Policy    
Procedure on how to access Translation and Interpretation Services and Good Practice Guidelines Procedure    
Procedure for the use of the Common Seal           Procedure    
Procurement Policy for Healthcare Services Policy EIA SIA
Risk Management Strategy Strategy    
Safeguarding Children Policy Policy EIA SIA
Serious Incident, Incident & Concerns Policy Policy    
Information Governance Policies
Policy Download EIA  
Acceptable Computer Use Policy Policy Encl  
Confidentiality Audit Policy Policy Encl  
Confidentiality : Code of Conduct Policy Policy Encl  
Corporate Records Management Standards and Procedural Guidance Policy Encl  
Data Protection and Confidentiality Policy Policy Encl  
Email Use Policy Policy Encl  
Privacy Impact Assessment Procedure Procedure Encl  
Information Governance Framework and Strategy Framework    
Information Governance Policy Review Review    
Information Security Policy Policy    
Mobile Working Policy and Guidelines Policy Encl  
Roles and Responsibilities of the Information Asset Owner Guidelines Guidelines    
Security and Transmission of Personal Confidential Data and Information (Safe Haven) Policy Policy Encl  
Subject Access Request Policy Policy Encl