Help us to make the most of your NHS

Every year an estimated £1 million is lost across the Harrogate district through medicine waste alone. This is why we have launched a campaign to encourage patients to only order what they need, return unwanted medicines to their pharmacy for safe disposal and not to stock pile medicines.

We have already made changes to the way we prescribe medicine to reduce costs, take a look at our medicines and prescribing page and our don’t swallow up your NHS campaign. Whilst we are starting to see the benefits from these, with help from the public and our patients, we need to do more.

Repeat prescriptions that are ordered and collected, but not used are one of our biggest problems. We are asking for patients on repeat prescriptions to think about what they are ordering and only ask for what they need and are running out of, any of the medicines can be dispensed when needed at a later date.

Once medicines have been dispensed, they cannot be recycled if your pharmacist does give somebody medicine they no longer require, they should give it back straight away, before leaving the chemist.

Patients should ideally book a regular medicine review with their local pharmacist or GP, to help manage their medicines in the best possible way for them.