CCG Participation Principles

Our participating principles, as set out below, are included in our constitution. These show how we will secure public involvement in the planning, development and consideration of proposals for change along with decisions affecting the operation of commissioning arrangements. It provides a framework to ensure that the views and needs of the public are obtained prior to making decisions about how the care provided to them is delivered through:

  • Working in partnership with patients and the local community to secure the best care for them.
  • Adopting engagement activities to meet the specific needs of the different groups and communities.
  • Publicising opportunities to engage with us.
  • Involving the local population in the planning of commissioning arrangements within the CCG.
  • Clearly communicating and explaining any changes to service delivery and impact on the population.
  • Clearly communicating the impact of engagement and influence upon our commissioning decisions
  • Publishing up to date information about health services on the group’s website and through other media.
  • Developing feedback mechanisms and encouraging and acting on feedback.
  • Delegating responsibility to the group’s Governing Body to ensure that effective public involvement mechanisms are designed, developed and implemented.
  • Requiring the Governing Body to report to and provide assurance to the group on how public involvement has been secured and influenced the decision making.
  • Including in the published annual plan evidence that this involvement has occurred.

We aim to make information available in a way that works for you and support you to get involved if you need assistance in access. For more information about information in alternate formats or the support we can give see here.