Get involved

Improving health services in our area isn’t just down to us in the NHS – it is as much down to you, the people,  who live here and use health services in the Harrogate and Rural District.

As a CCG we are fully committed to involving people in developing local health services and taking a different approach to what people might be used to. Our participation principles are set out in our Constitution. You can read these here.

    Our Communications and Engagement Strategy focuses primarily on the CCG’s engagement with patients and the public in the Harrogate and Rural District locality. In short, how we will listen to you, learn from your experiences and use this insight to guide what we do. Our population within Harrogate and Rural District should be part of the process that influences the commissioning decisions about local health services.

    We hold a range of public meetings where people are invited to have their say on local healthcare policy and services. 

    Our Patient Partners

    Our Patient Partners Group represent the patient voice and provides meaningful input into proposed projects and service developments. Many of our Patient Partners are members of local GP Practice Participation Groups and provide a link between practice groups and the CCG. You can read more about them and how you can get involved here.

    Join HaRD Net!

    We also have a public engagement network known as HaRD Net that is open to anyone to join. As a member of HaRD Net, you will have the opportunity to influence local health services and work together with us to improve them. You can learn more about the NHS, have a say in the development of services and get involved with health services in your area.

    The idea behind HaRD Net is to build up a network of local people, patients, carers, voluntary sector representatives and other partners.

    Click here for more information and to sign up today.

    If you require information in a different format please contact us at or see here for additional information.